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Mario Indino

President and Academic Dean

Herodion Barbarona Indino best know by the name Mario, is a Filipino married Eugenie (Ella) Hampp an Indonesian. God blessed them with 4 children 2 boys and two girls with 6 grandchildren. He started his theological education early in his life. He went to Mindanao Grace Bible Institute in 1970-1974 and ministered in the Philippines for four years. God gave him opportunities to serve as missionary from 1978 to this day they have served as missionaries in several countries such as; Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asian Countries. He also travels to the United States regularly to promote missions. He is currently the International Representative of Grace Beyond Borders International.
In 1999-2003 he continued his higher education in Theology and finished his Master of Divinity at Indonesian Theological Seminary, Manado, North Sulawesi. Later, he pursued his Doctor of Theology degree at the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Central Java on 2006-2011.

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